I can’t speak for Chris, but I could not have asked for a better weekend.

The only drawback was that we didn’t get to be with my dad or Chris’s dad for Father’s Day, because we simply can’t travel right now.  But we will be seeing them very soon.

In the meantime, I soaked in every single moment of this [potentially/probably?] last weekend of “us” as we are now before we become “us” as a family of 4 (Meeks included).  Here were the highlights:

Brunch on Saturday.  We woke up leisurely, showered, and walked to a favorite brunch spot Flying Biscuit.  I loved the walk in the nice weather, and just sitting there eating my favorite – tofu scramble with veggies, a side salad with really yummy dressing, and a homemade biscuit with apple butter – with Chris.  Afterwards we walked through Candler park and Chris bought me a grape shaved ice from a man making them in his front yard using a really cool-looking antique manual shaved ice maker.  Then, we walked through the Midsummer music festival and sat there in the shade just enjoying the weather and being outside.  It was perfect.

Braves Game Saturday Night.  After stopping by the baby store and deciding/agreeing on a rocker (finally), we went the the Braves Game where we had awesome seats and awesomer weather.  Too bad the Braves lost terribly.

Cheesy childbirth video Saturday night.  Chris actually lies in bed with me and willingly watches these dated labor and delivery videos with me without complaining one bit.  And I love it!

Sunday antique find. Chris had been meaning to buy a privacy screen – our place being very open – for people who come to visit, or anywhere else we might need it.  We stumbled across these super tall, old…plank/door thingys.

 Chris sanded and sanded and sanded while I painted picture frames for the baby’s nook, ran back and forth to Lowes for supplies, and sat in my chair watching Chris and eating watermelon (Chris had brought out a cooler of beer for him and watermelon for me plus a chair for me). The result was this very cool-looking screen, which my camera doesn’t do much justice.

 After that we pretty much cleaned and cooked and watched a little TV before bed. I gave Meeks a bath, just to make sure if anything were to happen he’d be clean and ready for the baby.

Today, I was back at work and feeling great.  She is technically due on Friday.  I was honestly surprised she didn’t come this weekend – not because I myself ever thought for a second she’d come early – oh no, I was sure she’d be late! – but because my doctor has NEVER steered us wrong and he told me he thought she’d be here by June 16!

The waiting is fun and exciting for us – not frustrating like it seems to be for most people at this stage.  I don’t know why.  Maybe a combination of me feeling so good this last trimester, really appreciating the “freedom” I’m about to say goodbye to, as I KNOW it anyway, and also just enjoying the sweet anticipation before I open the best Christmas present!

Anyway…that’s my update for now.