Symptoms:  Must inch, roll, or slowly lift myself off of furniture or out of cars.  Feel like I’m walking with a bowling ball between my legs most days (I have good days).  Restless and can’t sleep.  Pee CONSTANTLY.

Baby’s Size: a small pumpkin

Moment of the week: got a prenatal massage and it was awesome.

What I’m looking forward to: seeing our daughter and hearing her cry for the first time

What I miss: running and being thin

My weight: has stabilized the last couple visits. Total weight gain: 20 lbs.

Feelings: alternate between not being ready for sleepless nights, and total excitement to meet her.

Note to self: After I have her, I promise not to volunteer to other pregnant women my stories of doom and gloom.  I have always found anyway that what many people complained about I ended up handling quite well, whereas what made others happy often wasn’t for me.  So I’d like us to live our own story and I am quite annoyed by the many people who seem to think our experience will be just like theirs!