Went to the doctor today. I am 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and her head is fully engaged (as it has been for a long time now).  The doctor told me I should have a short labor of between 6-8 hours, versus a long labor of 12-24 hours, because my cervix has thinned and the baby’s head is so low.  I hope he’s right.

He also addressed an issue that has had me wondering – how will I know if I’ve gone into labor?  Sunday night I thought I might be.  I was having intense Braxton hicks accompanied by shooting pains in my butt and thighs that made me double over.  I then got the shakes and almost seemed to be hyperventilating.  I now think this is because I became convinced I would be going to the hospital soon and it sent me into mild shock.  Chris literally lay in bed with me with his arms around me until I finally calmed down.  All that to say – the doctor said after 20 years of experience he can tell me with confidence, I will know when it’s the real deal labor.  He said, it kind of sucks because, well, it’s very painful.  That’s okay with me if it means I get to the hospital in time instead of chilling at the house and having the baby on the way because I didn’t realize I was in labor.

Now that we’ve gotten everything off our to-do list, I am excited to sit back and anticipate her arrival, to really soak it in that we’re going to meet her soon.  While we wait, I hope we can get in a few more leisurely meals at La Fonda or Flying Biscuit.  I hope we have one more weekend together, just Chris and me.  I hope she comes Monday. Yeah, Monday would be perfect.