I just want to say…I’m a controlling first-time momma-to-be and I don’t feel sorry for it, either.  She’s my first child, my little girl, and though I’ll loosen up in time, right now, what Momma says goes and that’s the way it’s going to be.  Heaven help the person who stands in my way.  I feel very controlling and protective over the whole situation and I feel I have every right to be this way!  At least until I get a little comfortable, I’m just fine with being selfish with her.  My baby, my rules, for the first little bit.  She’s MINE!  She’s been in my belly for 9 months.  I understand why women say this now.

First thing – I don’t want ANY pictures of her posted on the internet before I’ve posted the one of my choice.  And I never even thought about this until now, but don’t our babies deserve some discrepancy about the virtual trail we are leaving all over the internet?  Will they even have a chance at privacy?  And why didn’t I think about this when I was proudly posting photos online of my beloved nieces and nephews??  Is it a losing battle?

Sigh.  Well, I’m starting with the hospital – no pics up until the Mother and Father give the go ahead.

I sound like Momzilla right now.  That’s okay.  I feel way too determined and justified to rein myself in.  I know I’m not the first woman to have a baby, but it just doesn’t matter.  Ohhh, it is hard to let her out of my body and into the world where I have to share her.