Is it possible to eat too much?  I’m eating one half a watermelon every day.  Is that healthy?  The best is watermelon in the freezer so it is super cold.  I would also love an icy snow cone, if I knew where they sold them in Atlanta.  I crave cold, juicy things.  I don’t care about eating much else.  I mean, I do eat other things but they just don’t seem interesting or hit the spot the way watermelon and cold fizzy juice do.  I want to drink gallons and gallons of icy cold sweet drinks and eat buckets of watermelon.  I wish I hadn’t drank coffee throughout the pregnancy.  I feel very bad about that.  I don’t think it’s good even in small amounts even though they say it is okay in small amounts, and I wish I could believe it’s fine but everything I have put into my body this whole pregnancy I’ve imagined going straight to my baby and so every single sweet, or non-nutrient rich thing I’ve indulged in I’ve done so with a guilty conscious – yet I was so far from perfect and I always thought I’d eat so perfectly as a pregnant person.  I guess I got caught off guard and I went through so many stressful things like changing jobs twice and being so exhausted and sick the first trimester – quitting coffee on top of that would have sent me over the edge.  Well.  It is what it is and I shouldn’t sit here feeling guilty about it like I am.  Plenty of people ate a LOT worse than me during their pregnancies.  Anyway…so is it bad to live almost solely off watermelon for weeks at a time?