Size:  She’s a mini watermelon!  But she feels like a big watermelon!  The doctor told me 2 days ago when I went for my checkup that he estimated her birth weight would be 6.5lbs.  Which he said is perfect because otherwise she’s gonna have a hard time making her escape.

My Size:  Pretty much the same but my last pair of jeans that still fit now require a rubber band.  My advice to pregnant people is to not jump the gun and buy maternity clothes because you may not need them.  All I’ve needed was a belly band and a few extra-long maternity tanks (since once your belly getsbig, all your shirts are too short)!  That’s because I’ve spent my 3rd trimester in spring and early summer so I can wear sundresses.

Symptoms:  Since I am now in the pre-labor stage, my symptoms are mostly signs that my body is preparing to go into labor, I’m pretty sure.  I have Braxton Hicks – or, “the higgens” as Chris innocently called them over instant message – throughout the day.  Their frequency varies, but they’re usually accompanied by very sharp, paralyzing nerve (or ligament??) pains in my upper inner thighs and butt, the urge to pee, and a very uncomfortable pressure in my pelvis.  I also can feel the baby’s head super low down there, and if I wanted to I could easily touch it (sorry if TMI).  I’ve been feeling a little nauseated periodically.

Also, when the baby moves it feels very uncomfortable, and my stomach gets really sore when I try to switch sides or get up to fast because I guess I’ve got that bowling ball inside me to consider.

Yet, none of this bothers me too much for whatever reason!  And on a positive note, I think my skin is finally clearing up after 9 months of breaking out (though I do have that “mask” of pregnancy.

How I’m feeling:  Let me explain something.  I am definitely feeling a mix of emotions, including a reasonable amount of franticness for what’s about to happen.  I purposefully let that come through in my writing – for example, the watermelon post.  I told you, I’m a writer and a bit dramatic by nature.  But throughout this pregnancy I have been very pleased with how calm, accepting, proactive, and anxiety-free I’ve been.  Naturally I’m far from perfect (just ask Chris) but I feel I’ve handled it well even if I do give myself a hard time about certain things.  So I don’t mean to position myself as someone I’m coming down on, or who is coming apart at the seams.  I feel calm and happy…and nervous and thrilled…and everything else under the sun…about what’s coming.  My excitement far outweighs my fear.  My thing is, I so want everything to be perfect for her arrival, so I am a bit frantic about knocking out the to-do lists before she gets here (since the doctor shocked the heck out of me by guessing she’d come early).  That and, having a bit of time to reflect and just soak in what’s about to happen before it actually does. Which I feel I can only do once the kitchen cabinets are spotless and the freezer is stocked with ridiculously healthy homemade food.  Makes sense, right?

Moment of the week:  Seeing my sister put on her wedding dress.  Gets a girl every time.  I’m so excited for her!  She just got out of teaching for the summer, and she and Joey just bought a house, so she has the summer to enjoy being newly married, decorating her beautiful home, and getting a MUCH deserved summer break after her first year of teaching and simultaneously planning a wedding. You made it girl, now the next part of the journey begins!

What I miss:  Running!

What I’m looking forward to:  Having the to-do list squared away.  Oh PLEASE let me manage that this weekend!  I’m starting now.  Goodbye!

PS – wedding pics to come!!