I went to the doctor today and he checked my cervix for the first time. He says I’m 1 cm dilated and my cervix is thinning (he didn’t specify the percent).  He said her head is very low and engaged.  He said she could come any day.  But of course, she could also come in two weeks  He does think she’ll be early, and guessed her arrival to be on June 16 – not June 22, when she is technically due.  Our doctor loves to guess things, and he has been exactly right each time so far.  For this reason, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she came on June 16.  That gives me 10 more days to prepare – not 16, as I’ve been planning.  In fact, I’ve been pretty sure she’d be late.

So sure that I had bet Chris a pair of beautiful amethyst earrings for myself if I’m right and she is late.  He was still deciding what he wanted if his prediction – that she comes early – turns out to be correct.  Who knows, maybe I’ll still win this bet, but either way I think I deserve the amethyst earrings, don’t you?