Okay…so I don’t know if she will come in 2 hours or 2 weeks.  But I have been having increasingly frequent and intense symptoms all day.  I am having contractions – and these could be braxton hicks or what have you – but they are frequent and accompanied by pain in my rectum, pressure in my pelvis, and paralyzing pain in my inner upper thighs and butt.  I’ve been waking up nauseated lately too which I think is a symptom for some people, as many throw up during labor.

I KNOW my baby is ready to get out.  I can tell by her movements she’s so done with being in there.  But I hope she holds out until at least next weekend, since I’ve got things to do.  I should be taking it easy tonight, but I’m doing the last of the baby laundry, some stuff for work, and writing thank you notes.  I’m frantic to get it all done, and I wish it were already done so I’d feel prepared.

On top of all this, I have a lovely case of heartburn.