Sometimes by the time I sit down to write these updates I am so tired they’re guaranteed to be sloppy and not as nicely written as I’d like! But things are so crazy between project deadlines at work, Laurie’s wedding this weekend!!!, and getting all the last minute baby to-dos checked off the list…at least I’m getting this one up in time!

I can not believe our baby is FULL TERM!  Our teeny poppyseed is all grown up into a real BABY!  It all happened so fast.  She could come out at any time.  However, I personally feel she is taking my to-do list into account and will not make her debut until a few days after her due date.  Just a hunch.  Chris thinks she’ll be early.  We’ll see who is right!

We saw the doctor today.  He said she’s a happy baby!  Don’t know how he knows this, but he seemed confident after listening to her heartbeat.  Chris had lots of questions for the doctor this time.  Questions about some pains I’d complained of (which I wasn’t overly concerned about, but this was Chris looking out for me ❤ ), about nutrition (he heard the nurse say I hadn’t gained much weight and started worrying about the baby’s nutrition, lol…but I’ve gained 20+ lbs, which is plenty of weight for 37 weeks!), and about contractions and when to go to the hospital.  I’d told Chris the doctor rushes me through my questions, so he was being very firm and despite the doctor backing out the door Chris persisted in getting all our questions answered!

In our house, I cook and Chris cleans…however, I’ve been a bad cook since I got pregnant! Very sporadic with it.  Most nights I don’t feel like it, and I’ve been making quick things like salads and tomato sandwiches.  Well, a couple nights ago I came downstairs from a relaxing bath to find Chris had made us breakfast for dinner!

I kept eating the eggs and saying, “Wow. Babe, these eggs are like the best eggs I’ve ever had!” and Chris didn’t say much. Finally, I said “What did you do to make these eggs so good?” He said “I added a little milk.” Then it hit me – we had a little container of whole milk in the fridge – a rarity!!! since we usually drink rice or soy milk – from when I made banana pudding and wanted it to be the REAL DEAL.  I said “Chris…did you use the whole milk?”  He said “yeah.”  Hahahahah!  No wonder those eggs were so silky and rich!  He wasn’t gonna reveal his secret unless prodded.  He must be trying to fatten us up.

Anyway…on to some pregnancy stats!

Baby’s Size:  She’s a leek!  A leek people? Do you know how huge that is? Yeah, me either.  A leek is long and delicious but it doesn’t much resemble a baby.

Symptoms:  So.  I have had a wonderful pregnancy.  But our girl is now getting HEAVY. It hurts me, actually.  I get random sharp pains that go shooting down my thighs and stop me dead in my tracks from the pain – especially when walking.  I look funny walking down the street.  People think I am having contractions or something, I can tell.  They look concerned at the pregnancy lady hunched over frozen in the middle of the sidewalk while people brush past me.  It’s comical, honestly.  When I’m sleeping, she presses on organs and it really hurts.  I have a sore spot on my belly that began feeling like a bruise on the inside, and now feels like it must be rubbed raw!  I think it’s from her foot or something pressing on the same spot for so long.  If I overexert myself (by this I mean, doing too many loads of laundry) I feel literally as though I completed a half Ironman (and I know exactly what this feels like thank you very much – I wasn’t always a clumsy pregnant lady).  But you know what?  None of this bothers me too much!  Because I’m still fairly comfy and I’m so happy about everything going on in my life.  And, NOTHING can compare to first trimester. Yeesh.

Weight:  I weighed 137 today. 😦  I am so going to kick ass after this baby is born.  We are going to take Atlanta’s running paths by storm!!

Moment of the Week:  I’d say my favorite part of the week was Monday.  I spent the day doing what I’ve been longing to do, but couldn’t because I’m out of town EVERY weekend and am too tired after work.  I NESTED.  I cleaned, organized, and washed and folded baby clothes. Ahhhhh. I need more days like that.  That’s why I pray she is on time or late…not early.  I only have 2 more weekends to myself if she is born on time!  Work is demanding and though I love it, it’s tough to fit any relaxing or reflection into my schedule.  But Monday was perfect.

What I’m looking forward to:  Breastfeeding for the first time.  It is definitely on my mind because I dream about it.  I dream about the first time we attempt it, my daughter and I.  In my dreams, it always works so perfectly to my surprise.  So I have no idea how it will go, but I’m so much more fascinated with the idea of nourishing my baby from my own body than I ever realized I would be.  Looking at videos online of other women doing it though? That’s a different story! It grosses me out a little!  I know…I shouldn’t feel this way. But I do. But not about me, and my baby.

What I miss: Running.

Well…goodbye for now!  This is all surreal.  She will be here any time now, but no later than a month (because I’ll be induced if she’s a week late).  I just can’t even imagine it.  I feel her moving right now but I still don’t believe she’ll really be here.