You have wonderful grandparents.  You’re very lucky, you’re going to have two grandmas and two grandpas who are fun and full of energy and ready to love you.  Let me introduce them.

Grandpa Fred (my dad)

He’ll take you to pet the horses a million times when everyone else is too tired.  He’ll give you candy even when I say you can’t have any.  He’ll give you tons of kisses and hugs because he’s extremely affectionate and loving.  He’s going to love you to pieces and spoil you.

Grandmomma (my momma)

She’s the person I trust 100% to take care of you when I can’t!  She is very nurturing and will make you little peanut butter and jelly sandwich triangles and make sure you’re bathed and dressed and fed (the healthy stuff I want you to eat) and safe and sound at all times. She’ll saddle the horses and take you on rides.  But don’t try to put anything past her because she knows how to be stern, too!

Grandpa James (Chris’s dad)

You’ll love your Grandpa James!  He knows how to do all sorts of things and you’ll learn a lot if you watch and listen.  He gardens, he cooks delicious food, and he can build anything.  He even built his own house!  He’s a firefighter and retired marine and a very smart person.  We feel very good about leaving you in his care if we need to.

Grandma Margaret (Chris’s stepmom)

It feels weird to call Margaret “Grandma” because she seems too young to be a grandmother.  She’s a girls’ girl even though she has two sons.  She’s the kind of person you want to shop with, hang out with, run errands with, and talk girl talk for hours.  She’s very crafty and maybe she’ll help you with some arts and crafts projects when you’re old enough, since I am not very crafty myself.  We’re very lucky to have her.

Your late grandmother, Robin Elizabeth Cobb (Chris’s mom)

I didn’t know your grandmother because she passed away before I could meet her.  But she took good care of your dad and uncles while they were growing up, so I’m very grateful to her.  I wish she could have met you.  Your daddy will be able to tell you things about her.