First, I just want to say that I have about 3 posts pending Chris handing over some photos!!!  I have a post about:

1. Our Babymoon to Miramar Beach, Florida

2. Our Philosophy on Toys

3. Our Baby Shower in Mississippi (thank you to James, Margaret, and all the Cobbs!!)

I’ve also written a few others that I just never published because I was waiting on a picture or to polish the post or whatever. But that way, they will never get published!

Here’s a quick update at 36 Weeks (starting our 37th week!!)

Baby’s size:  She is a bunch of swiss chard!  Big!

Symptoms:  Oh BOY.  She is getting HEAVY and I am FEELING it.  So much pressure in my pelvic region, it feels like I’m carrying lead weights down there!  Makes me walk funny.  Plus, she’s pressing on nerves so I’ll randomly almost drop to my knees while walking, or at the very least freeze, unable to move.  She is very crowded in there and her movements feel that much stronger because of it, and her gaining size and strength.  She’s my little baby and it makes me sad that she is growing up…and she hasn’t even been born yet. 😦

Cravings:  This whole pregnancy I’ve said I had no cravings, only aversions.  But now I have cravings!  I am going through watermelon like crazy.  I keep buying huge watermelons and cutting them up and eating them in two days.  I had a huge bowl of watermelon for lunch.  I want a watermelon right now!  Second to watermelon, I love cold, juicy fruit of any kind.

Weight:  I had my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and I weigh 135lbs.  I have gained 20lbs throughout my pregnancy.

Best moments from the week:  Last weekend I went home for my last baby shower, thrown by my sisters and mom.  My mom had so many of the little finger foods I used to love growing up, like her chicken salad sandwiches, pimiento cheese sandwiches, tiny thumbprint cookies from Holt’s bakery, chips and sour cream and onion dip, and other classics.  I got to spend some quality time with them, my precious Abby and Nolan, and wonderful friends I’ve known since I was a little girl.  The visit was too short!

What I’m looking forward to:  This weekend we are finally going to be home!  Plus, it’s Memorial Day weekend, so we’re off Monday.  Yay!  I’m going to wash all the baby clothes, pack my hospital bags, and take care of little odds and ends.  I’m looking forward to relaxing.