*NOTE: Again, I wrote this at 35 weeks but simply haven’t been good about actually posting into my blog! We’ve been out of town every weekend and weekdays have been so busy with work and errands. I dated this at 35 weeks though, May 18 (even though I am now 36 weeks, and it is May 25).

Baby’s size:  a crenshaw melon. Never tried one but they look pretty big. She actually grew overnight, I think.  Last night I kept waking up and yelping every time she kicked me in the ribs.  I think I yelp partially because it hurts and surprises me, and subconsciously because I want Chris who is snoozing peacefully beside me to experience the pain vicariously.  Today I feel bigger than ever and like someone stuffed my belly with lead.  My baby girl is growing.

Symptoms:  Well, I get heartburn as I said and Tums are my nighttime buddies.  And this morning, I caused a big scene screaming and jumping out of bed and falling on the floor with a bad cramp in my calf.  Chris probably thought I was going into labor except I don’t think women act that crazy in the early stages of labor.  He said “babe, breathe” then fell back asleep.  Overall, these are such minor inconveniences and I feel amazing.

Weight:  No idea. Guess I’ll find out at the next doctor’s appointment.  I see NO point in stepping on the scales!

What I’m looking forward to:  Having everything checked off our list so we can sit back and anticipate her arrival, feeling prepared.

Seeing my family and friends this weekend in Alma where they’re throwing me my last baby shower.  I’ve learned that when you have a baby people really come together and support you and I almost feel like everyone has done too much.  This has all made me want to make sure I give back and support others when they go through their own big life events. I just feel they’ve gone overboard but it is appreciated.

Touring the hospital.

Spending time with Chris during our last few weekends alone, doing little things like washing baby clothes and shopping for the last few items on our baby list.

My baby sister’s wedding!!!!

Labor.  Yeah – oddly, I’m looking forward to labor.  I know it won’t necessarily be a pleasant experience but all I can think about is the excitement of meeting our daughter.

There is SO, SO much to look forward to.  I want these last five weeks to go very slowly, but I know they’ll go by so quickly.

Cute moments:  I can tell Chris is getting excited about a little newborn.  He was in the shower laughing a little to himself and I asked him what was funny and he said “nothing, I was just thinking about how when you pick up a naked newborn their little legs bend up like frog legs.”  Very cute. 🙂

Thoughts:  While I feel very calm about our approaching due date, there are also lots of thoughts swirling around in the back of my mind.  I am keeping them under control because I did make a conscious decision to enjoy – not worry my way through – this pregnancy.  I let them out one at a time to play around with them, then put them aside and think pleasant thoughts.  I’m trying to balance planning for the future and really considering how I want to approach different aspects of motherhood, with not letting the what ifs consume me.

So many parents have so many stories for us, and oddly, more of them feel like warnings than excitement for us.  Perhaps parenthood wasn’t everything they hoped for, or perhaps I will find out for myself why they felt the need to warn me.  I have no way of knowing how I’ll handle each stage, from labor to her first days home to teenage years.  I just want to try and be ready for anything, and enjoy every day as much as I can.  They’re not me, and my experience will most likely be nothing like theirs.