NOTE: This post was written at 33 weeks and the pictures were taken at 33 weeks. I didn’t get around to posting until 34+ weeks, but I went ahead and dated this 33 weeks so I hope I don’t confuse anyone.

Size:  She’s a cantaloupe…but she’s much longer than a cantaloupe.  Her legs are everywhere.  She is beginning to get very heavy and me moving around is more difficult.  Things like getting out of a car or a chair feel like a production.  I get tired easier.

At night, she and I play this little game.  I lie down and get comfy on my side.  She squirms in protest and elbows me sharply in the side!  I roll onto my back, and she starts to kick my organs.  I roll to my left side and she quiets down.  I guess that’s the side she was looking for, but I’m not comfortable.  I want to be on my right side.  I try it again.  Using her tiny claws, she begins furiously digging a hole to China in my bladder.  It’s called “Baby Dictates Sleep.”  We play it every night.

Symptoms:  Mild but persistent heartburn.  I keep tums in my desk, purse, and nightstand.  Every night I lie down and take two and hope they last until I fall asleep.  At work I wait until no one is in the kitchen, then sneak tums from the medicine cabinet.

I get tired easily and I need at minimum 8 hours, preferably 10, to function the next day.  But overall, I’ve felt great this last trimester.

Cravings:  Cold fruit, and toasted bagels with cream cheese.  That’s really all I care to eat.

Weight:  I’m not sure, but everything seems reasonably sized except my belly so I am lucky so far.  I have been getting lots of compliments lately, which means a couple of things to me: 1) I don’t have any swelling like other pregnant ladies are unfortunate to experience and 2) People are nice to pregnant ladies and figure they need the compliments.

What I miss:  People having boundaries.  People feel 100% justified in offering unsolicited “facts” about what I should or shouldn’t be eating and doing. I’m at the point of snapping at the next person who talks about how I’m not allowed to have wine, caffeine, cheese, shellfish, or what have you.  I’m careful about what I do and how it affects my baby, but I feel people go way overboard and honestly some of their “facts” just aren’t even true and are based on old wives tails. BUZZ OFF people.  IT TRULY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

A few best moments:  The other night I had one of those lucky dreams that is both very, very happy and drags out for a long time.  We were at the hospital because it was time to deliver our baby.  Our family was all there.  I had my cute little hospital bag packed and I was wearing a cute pink labor gown.  We were getting ready to meet our daughter.  It was so exciting!  I think I dreamed this because my baby to-do list is getting shorter.  So I feel more prepared and able to relax and anticipate her arrival.

What I’m looking forward to:  I’m really looking forward to my baby sister’s wedding.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the dancing part since I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant and I think I’ll feel silly dancing, especially since I can’t drink. L  But what I’m excited about is spending the whole day with Laurie, and seeing her excitement and nerves and watching her go through all those special things you go through on your wedding day.  From hair and makeup to mimosas to calm her nerves, and watching her put her dress on and stand in front of the mirror.  Then actually watching her walk down the isle and getting to stand beside her while she and Joey say their vows.  It’s so exciting and you just never forget it!