There are some really important things I have to do before our baby arrives.

1. Learn some stuff. Though I know a good bit from watching and helping my sister care for Abby and Nolan, I still have a lot to learn before I feel prepared for my own newborn.  Our schedules got so packed between my sister’s upcoming wedding, vacations, visiting family, work, and preparing for the baby that we decided against classes.  I hope I don’t regret it since it could have been a fun bonding experience for Chris and me, but we’re also stingy with our weekends and we just didn’t make the classes a priority.

-Baby CPR (Mary will teach us this when we go down to Alma for my baby shower, she works in the Baby NICU)

-Breastfeeding (I’m buying a book and taking it to the beach this weekend)

-General newborn care (reading books and watching videos with Chris)

-Labor (Chris and I are going to watch a video on thistogether)

2. Tour the hospital.  Chris and I still get lost every time we go to my ultrasound appointments.  We always arrive all stressed out and upset.  This simply can’t happen when I’m having contractions and preparing to give birth.  So we need to know where everything is in advance.

3. Find a pediatrician!

4. Pack my hospital bag.

Assuming shearrives on schedule, we have only three weekends at home to get things donebefore our newest family member, this little creature we somehow managed tocreate, is welcomed into our home.  The other weekends we are traveling to the beach, to Chris’s parents’ home, to my parents’ home, and to Laurie’s wedding.