This weekend, I was lucky enough to be thrown a baby shower by my sweet cousins Sara and Lucia.  I say lucky because these two girls are so thoughtful and have such great taste that I knew it would be beautiful and fun.  And it was.  Not only did I get to spend some time with my family and friends (even though it is always too short!), but Sara’s home is just beautiful and they did such a great job hosting and making everything look so pretty and classy.  From the food (little petit fours, chicken salad croissants, deviled eggs, ambrosia, chocolate-covered strawberries, cheese straws, tiny quiches, a cheese and pickle plate, coffee ice-cream punch, pink lemonade, pastel mints, and jordan almonds in various shades of pink)
to the décor (pretty flowers in vases), to the gifts (overly generous but much appreciated), the whole thing was in a word LOVELY.  They even gave me a pink rose corsage to wear!

THANK YOU Sara, Lucia, and all who came (and also those who couldn’t be there but sent their love) and were so thoughtful and generous towards me and my baby.  It won’t be forgotten and I hope I can do the same for you one day!