Baby’s Size: She’s 3lbs 7 ounces.  The size of a pineapple. Probably a small one.

My Symptoms: restless leg syndrome and cramps in my legs, feet, and toes make it hard to sleep these days. That and finding a comfortable position that doesn’t feel I’m either crushing the baby or she’s crushing me (my organs).  Other than that, I feel I could run a marathon (and wish I could!).

Best moments of the week: Chris coming home early from a work trip and surprising me, seeing our baby’s FACE!!!, staring at the picture of her face while I fall asleep… Work has been great as well, I’m really, really enjoying it.  I of course have days (or weeks) where it’s rough, but in general I feel nothing but gratitude for having had such a wonderful place to work during my pregnancy.  The experience is what i wanted, the people are awesome, the environment, culture, everything is just what I want in a job.

This morning was also really nice. I got up early and walked around target looking at baby clothes and just taking my time. This always gets me super excited about her arrival.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting her for the first time…and dressing her up and taking her out.  It’d be so wonderful if she is an easy baby and I can take her to the beach this summer.  We’ll see though, I’m trying to prepare myself for a less ideal scenario (fussy baby and can’t leave the house all summer 😦 ).

Also, Chris is taking me on our last babymoon this weekend!  We’re of course going to the gulf for a long weekend, where we plan to lie in the sun and soak up our last bit of utter relaxation before our little girl arrives.  Chris will enjoy frozen margaritas while I of course will look longingly at his and maybe swish a little around in my mouth to pretend.

Well…we’re off to the Inman Park Festival!  I’m going to wear a sundress and wedge heels and walk around with a big belly.  More later…