We had our (supposed) final ultrasound today!  We FINALLY saw her precious little face!  And she looks JUST like Chris.  You might wonder how I can determine that from an ultrasound, but trust me these things are crazy detailed these days and I can clearly see that she has his mouth and lips – no doubt about it.  Lucky little girl.  Chris has a cute mouth.  I HOPE she has my eyes. :-/  She needs to look like half me, right? But I’ve predicted she will look like Chris because his features seem more dominant than mine, in my opinion.  Anyway, babies always seem to look like their dads at first.  Maybe she will get a little bigger and look like me too?  Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away, it IS just an ultrasound photo.  But – she looks like her Daddy.  Which makes it more real to me that despite her being in MY uterus, she is actually half Chris.  Hmm.  Well, for two more months anyway she is mine all mine.  I guess the “letting go” really begins at birth.  How ironic.

Also, I correctly predicted the exact position she is in.  She is head down, facing my left leg, with her butt to the upper right of my belly button and her legs kicking around the ribs area.  So as long as she stays that way and does a little turn to the back (NOT to the front – sunny side up – that makes for difficult deliveries) we are on our way to a normal vaginal birth…fingers crossed but I’m trying to prepare for anything…

She weighs around 3 lbs 7 ounces.  On the small side of the “normal” scale, which is perfect because I’m small framed and our doctor said this will put her between 6.5-7lbs at my due date, which is what he’d like her to be.

Her fingers look super long to me, but the doctor said they’re normal.

We love her already.  But we have no idea what we’re in for when she’s actually here.  Scary!

She was smacking her lips and sucking her thumb. She looked kind of grouchy.