Here’s a quick update at 31 going on 32 weeks pregnant!

Baby’s Size: 16.7 inches, 3.75 lbs, a large jicama (whatever, these fruit/veg comparisons are silly)

Symptoms: I need lots of pillows to sleep.  I’m not supposed to sleep on my back, or obviously stomach.  But now when I sleep on my side, I tend to tip forward, which makes my baby start kicking and squirming in protest.  So I worry I’m squishing her.  I use pillows to keep myself perfectly propped.  Other symptoms remain the same and overall I feel great.  Still wearing my heels no problem!

What I miss: Still miss long runs.  And a flat belly.

What I’m looking forward to: our last ultrasound, this Thursday.  I’m dying to see what position she’s in and what she looks like in there.  I’d love to see her face, so maybe we’ll get lucky!  I haven’t seen it yet.

Lately I’ve also been thinking about how teeny tiny and cute a newborn looks in it’s itty bitty clothes. They don’t stay that way for long but I’m looking forward to having one of those.

And, though I know labor will likely not go as I imagine it, I’m looking forward to the moment we get to meet our daughter.