Symptoms: Belly still getting bigger, leg cramps every night where I have to hop out of bed to make it go away, my sciatic nerve acted up like crazy the other day and Chris had to massage my back (darn), and I have to be careful not to eat overly salty/spicy foods because I get heartburn.

None of that stuff bothers me much though.  I feel pretty great, and I hope it continues because I deserve a smooth third trimester after my terrible first, darnit!

Weight gain:  I was wrong about having gained 19 lbs, the doctor said I’ve gained 13 lbs.  I am to 128lbs from 115lbs.  That’s not bad considering how much I indulge in food these days.  I wonder if I would have gained much weight at all if I stuck to a more conservative diet.  I still have 2 months to go, let’s see if I eat my words.

What I miss: Running.  It hit me the other day.  I was listening to a song I used to put on repeat when I ran, and I missed my long, theraputic runs SO MUCH!  I still get in a few 3-milers, but these are short, gentle runs and they aren’t anything like what I did pre-pregnancy.  I can’t run more than 2.5-3 miles without feeling strange, like the baby is bearing down on my…ehem…rectum.

Favorite moment: Any of the numerous times Chris pats my belly or talks to the baby.  Now, I know people may say I’m crazy or this is impossible – but last night Chris heard her heartbeat just by putting his ear to my belly.  The doctor did say it was very strong and he found it instantly when he put the heart thingy to my belly.  Chris said he knew without a doubt that’s what this was, and he described the rhythm and it was just the speed and pattern we hear at our doctors appointments.

Also, when Chris talks to her, she kicks him in the face. It’s adorable. I love our baby girl and my man.