Baby’s Size:  She’s a cabbage! Or, about 15 inches and between 2-2.75 lbs.  She’s definitely making her presence known.  I feel her moving 24-7 now, so I’m always aware that she’s with me just hanging out and doing her thing while she waits for her debut.  Her movements get stronger every day.

Mommy’s Size: My belly is getting big! It brushes against people all the time, because I’m not used to accounting for it when I move around.  It surprises me and the other person and for some reason I find it funny and cute.  It’s hard to find things to wear.  I really need to buy a few dresses so I can feel comfortable and cute.  I don’t want to keep getting bigger.  I feel like it’ll be really awkward to get dressed and move around if I get any bigger.  But, I suppose I will.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I keep forgetting to mention several symptoms I’ve been experiencing.  For one, my eyesight suddenly went to hell.  I can’t see a thing!  I know it’s due to pregnancy and I wonder if it will change back afterwards.  I need some glasses, either way.  I can’t read food menus on the wall, and I have to press my face against my co-workers’ computer screens when we’re collaborating on something.  I was near-sighted before, but this is a whole new level.

I also have to pee, constantly.  I never feel like I don’t have to pee.  Leg and foot cramps continue.  I’m forgetting something but oh well.

What I miss: Nothing, except occasionally a flat stomach!!

Best moment of the week: This week has been awesome.  I’m absolutely loving my job!  I feel so lucky to have found this job while pregnant, instead of staying stuck in a job that didn’t make me happy.  I love the new wall Chris and his dad built.  I love looking at the paint colors Margaret and I picked out.  It’s just been a great week, and I’m looking forward to this weekend when I’ll do some things to prepare for Laurie’s bachelorette party next weekend (along with some things that didn’t get finished at work, sadly)!

I took my co-worker’s advice regarding choosing a baby name, and made some fun “name cards” with our favorite names on the front and their meaning/nicknames/etc on the back.  I made each card using a different color pencil.  I gave them to Chris to look at and see which names stick and which don’t.  I’m afraid we’re going to get to the end of this pregnancy and realize he hates all the names I’ve been set on and vice-versa.  So we have to keep the lines of communication open. 🙂

Well, that’s all for tonight (if you can’t tell from this post, I’m pretty tired and writing it kind of sloppily).  I’m feeling less and less like I want our baby to just stay in my stomach (because when she comes out, the responsibility begins and that’s scary) and more and more excited to meet her.  I mean, she’s had such a huge effect on me for over 6  months now.  We’ve been on this journey together.  I can feel her kicking me all day long.  I even feel when she gets the hiccups.  So naturally I’d like to see her face!

But I can wait 11 more weeks.  I’m going to enjoy these last 11 weeks of freedom and sleep.