Yay!!!! 28 Weeks!  That means 2 weeks until 30 weeks, and then 10 weeks until our baby is here (if she arrives right on time, of course)!

In other words, I’m almost 6 1/2 months pregnant.  And you can tell.  People at work have made remarks about how quickly I… popped.  I don’t feel offended but at the same time I’m not quite sure how to take the comments. 🙂

Baby’s Size: A butternut squash! The doctor says she’s about 2 lbs at most.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing new, just the usual face breaking out easily and muscle cramps in my legs and feet. Heartburn is gone though and I feel pretty good.  I went for a run and felt great.

What I miss: Nada

Best Moment (s): I went to the doctor for my glucose test! Okay, that wasn’t the best moment. It was super early and I was soooo tired and dreading the test, positive I’d fail it due to my love of sugar.  But the cutoff score is 140 (anything over and you fail the test and have to take a second 3-hour test!), and my score was 114, so I passed with flying colors!  I was really happy about that. The doctor also said my blood pressure was perfect and I was measuring just right.  Yay!

Another “best moment” was basically the entire weekend that Chris’s dad and stepmom were here.  They just left a couple of hours ago.  You can read all about why they were here and how the weekend went in the next blog post.

Weight gain: 19 lbs.  Yep.  19 lbs.  I only know this because the doctor weighed me.  I haven’t been weighing myself at home.  I just see no reason to obsess over the climbing scale.  I don’t feel that heavy though, I feel pretty good.  I think the last couple weeks were rough because I was sick and Chris and I were both trying to recover from travel and get back into our routines.  But things are much better now.