We can’t seem to find the perfect name, and it isn’t for lack of trying.  We have a few ideas, but nothing that we both agree is the one.  It actually gets on my nerves sometimes when people press me about it, because I consider her name such a personal decision that really is between Chris and me… yet at the same time, it’s fun to hear others’ suggestions and play around with it.

I feel I am the connoisseur of names, while Chris is not quite the expert.  I am trying to teach him the ropes, by sending him articles that speak to my viewpoint.  For example, I stumbled across an article called the Seven Deadly Sins of Naming or something like that, and it discussed in detail current trends that have gone overboard and expressed my sentiments exactly!

Our baby needs a name that will stand the test of time.  I’d hate for her or I to regret her name down the road.  I’m trying to choose something that is us and that I would have loved 10 years ago and will love just as much 10 years from now.  That means not being victim to whims or trends.  But it’s hard.  It’s hard to choose something unusual and classic, meaningful and fun.  It also has to work with the last name Cobb.

We’ll get it eventually.  When we do, we probably won’t announce it until her birth.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments section!