Happy 27 Weeks, and Happy Third Trimester!  We are now entering the ZONE.  The THIRD ZONE.  The one where suddenly the smugness is wiped right off my face as I attempt my rubberband trick for the last time.  These jeans aren’t coming together.  I wish I had a mumu.  This does’t feel cute anymore.

My pregnancy has indeed played out like clockwork, each symptom falling perfectly into place when my doctor said it might.  Morning sickness?  Subsided around 15 weeks.  Kicking? Began at 12:01am 18 weeks on the dot.  Me feeling like a clumsy, moaning whale?  Why, it started this week – just in time for the third trimester!

As I reflect on the previous two trimesters, I arrive at a few conclusions about them.

The first trimester.  I’m speaking for myself, but I can only assume others have felt the same way.  When you first find out you’re pregnant (assuming this is a happy discovery, planned or not) you are filled with amazement that this miracle, this epitome of being a woman, is happening to you!  Yes, you actually can get pregnant, and now you are officially a mother.  It’s an amazing feeling.  But you are also somewhat numb.  The news is way too big for you to comprehend, so you spend the first trimester keeping it a secret from most people while you struggle to believe it.  You expect it to be taken away. The possibility of miscarriage is real.  You’re basking in the newness of your news, while being protected from the enormity of what it will mean for your life by a merciful cocoon of…shock.  If you’re like me, you eventually experience morning sickness that feels like it will never, ever end and you think “pregnancy is miserable and no one ever told me.”  Meanwhile, you steal secret moments in a warm bath with your hands on your (still flat) belly thinking of the life inside.  You temporarily forget your nausea in baby stores where itty bitty dresses and onsies put a big smile on your face.  You long for the second trimester and wonder if it could possibly be the honeymoon everyone says it is.

The second trimester.  It is a honeymoon!  In the second trimester, you no longer feel amazed and in shock that you were able to get pregnant.  You’ve accepted that and you’re kind of over that part.  But, you no longer need that amazed, numb state to get you through the morning sickness and anxiety because you’re feeling better physically and mentally.  This is happening. Your ducks are in a row (kind of), your belly is starting to show, and you want the world to know.  Not to mention, there are so many fun firsts that happen during the second trimester.  Besides the amazement of watching your belly grow, you get to feel the first kicks – probably the best part about being pregnant.  Your ultrasound reveals something that actually looks like a baby (not a gummy bear), and you get to find out if you’re having a girl or boy!  You register, you start buying a few things, and you think about names.  You do all this while feeling energetic and very much like yourself, except that you have a small (read: still cute) belly as evidence you’re expecting.  For Chris and I, amid all this bliss we grew closer and our relationship grew stronger than it has ever been.

My honeymoon period (2nd tri) ended so abruptly, with a fight and a horrible bug that felt more like the flu– how cruel!  I hope this isn’t a premonition of the next three months.  We will have to wait and see!  For now, here’s the 27-week rundown.  Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Baby’s size: a Chinese cabbage, or, 14.8 inches long and 2.25 lbs!

Symptoms: heartburn, charlie horses in my calves and feet, a growing belly that won’t fit into my clothes, and a little more tired this week but that could be due to the cold I had.

What I miss: summer. the beach. Luckily warm weather has arrived! But I’m wondering how I’ll handle being cooped inside come June, when by now I am itching to get out!

Best moment of the week: Hmm. It wasn’t a good week overall but I will say one of the better moments was when I couldn’t get to sleep and Chris brought me cough syrup and tums and tucked me into bed with instructions not to use all the covers because I’d get too hot, and not to wash the tums down with water because I’d ruin their effectiveness, making for the first night of decent sleep I had all week.