Baby’s Size:  She’s a Chinese Cabbage.  Or, according to Baby Bump, 14 inches and 1.75 lbs.  And I can see she (and I) are getting bigger.

Symptoms:  Oh boy.  Okay, one unfortunate symptom I realized I’ve been forgetting to tell you about is the red rash/breakout? that appeared on my cheeks when I got pregnant and then never went away no matter how faithful I am about washing my face at night.

Also, I’ve started to get heartburn and have a little trouble sleeping, worrying about staying on my side at night.

I wake up during the night with cramps up and down my legs and feet so I have to get out of bed, stand up, and flex to get rid of them (then they come back later).

And the rubber band trick no longer works (though I do have one pair of jeans that fits so very comfortably sans even a rubberband – so there!).  I was forced to buy a belly band which i hate.  I need to go through my spring clothes and see what I’m working with.

What I miss:  Nothing too much.  Sometimes I get scared about the permanence of this big responsibility – yet I can’t say that I miss not having that responsibility looming, and the good far outweighs the bad at this point.

Best moments of the week:  Easy.

And staying up late to make these with my gorgeous, thoughtful, smart sister-in-law Kate and her sister-in-law Jami while running our mouths as girls do.

And coming in from our long day of travel to find a big pile of presents for the baby waiting for us.  Plus cooking with Kate (we share a lot in common) every night for the guys.  Taking Bella on wagon rides and looking back to see her smiling and holding on tight to her big stuffed Smurfette.  Going for runs down by the lake they live on.  One particular moment with Bella when she gave me this certain look with her head tilted that totally won me over!

Worst moment(s) of the week:  Unfortunately,  this week there is a worst moment or two.  Chris and I having about three fights, our first in a long, long time.  If I’m not supposed to talk about that stuff on my blog, too bad, because I hate those blogs that make life seem so perfect and don’t mention anything bad that happens.  That’s just not reality and I want you to know that when I say life is good I mean it, so I’ll tell you when it isn’t all roses too so you know you can trust me to be real with you.

Other “worst moment.”  The very day we left Nevada I got nailed with a nasty virus.  The kind where you run a fever and feel achy all over and horribly sore throat, painful cough, etc.  In fact – I threw up – on Chris – ON THE PLANE.  Perhaps this was the perfect payback for our fights?  Listen, I normally love turbulence, but the nausea from my virus did not love it.

After which, we arrive home in Atlanta and I go to bed with the knowledge that I must wake up in the morning and make the decision of whether or not to go to work.

What??, you say.  Why would you go to work so obviously sick?  Because I’ve told you before about how this job is new, and I’m trying to make sure it lasts because I love it, and after being gone for an entire week from a job I just started, I was scared to stay home yet another day.  I dragged myself out of bed, freezing and sweating, throat aching, and went to work.  Yeah, I worried about getting others sick!  But I was more concerned about keeping my job at this critical time in my life than I was getting others sick, to be blunt.

But this story has a happy ending!  I ended up making it through the day just fine.  In fact – I was happy to be back.  That’s a good job, people.  And it turns out I had nothing to worry about, because they told me if I was sick I can work from home, no big deal.  So tomorrow if I’m still feeling this way that’s what I’ll do.  I love my job.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to settle down on the couch in my pjs with a bowl of the vegetable soup I made myself tonight.  Sans Chris (he’s in New York for a couple days for work) and Meeks (he’s still with my parents after our trip).

Just my baby and me.