Baby’s Size: 13.5 inches.  Anybody ever seen a rutabaga over a foot long?  Yeah, me neither.  She weighs around 1.5 lbs now.

Symptoms: Sleeping is getting a little more particular. Meaning it no longer feels right to sleep on my back, because I can literally feel (or at least I imagine I feel) the baby’s weight and I worry it’s pressing down on other organs or arteries.  So then I have to sleep on my side, but then I either tip too far forward and feel like I’m crushing her (she actually starts kicking) or I tip back onto my back.  Remember that huge blue pregnancy pillow I bought?  It’s so worthless.  My solution?  I put a pillow between my legs, and I use Chris as my back support.  It works perfectly.  But often ends on me scooting against him throughout the night until he ends up hanging off the edge of the bed and I’m in the middle.

What I Miss: I dunno, I guess sometimes I’d like to be super thin and wear a short dress and go to a festival and drink a margarita.  It will come in time.  I don’t see myself as a frumpy momma.  I feel young.

Best Moment of the Week:  Wednesday, I drove down to Mary and Zach’s for the night.  I always love seeing my niece and nephew.  I got to have a good little conversation with Abby while she took her bath.  She must have just learned from someone how to tell stories in chronological order and create suspense.  So, using modifiers like “then” and “next” she told me the very deliberate story of how she put on her clothes, went outside, walked down the steps…and FELL!!! about 6 times. At 3, she’s getting smarter and smarter and she seems to “get things” in her own little way.  She’s a funny little personality and I love her to bits.

Nolan helps build my confidence about taking care of our own baby.  He’s such a sweet baby!  He is so easy to make smile.  But just like any baby, he gets frustrated at times and screams and screams!  I am usually able to snatch him up, cuddle him and sooth him until he quiets down right away and looks up at me with his big expressive blue eyes.  There is something about a crying baby that makes me go running to make them feel better.  I just can’t control myself.

I’m Looking Forward to:  So many things!  Tomorrow, Chris and I leave for Nevada to visit his brother and sister-in-law (so, really my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) Steve and Kate, and our one-year-old niece Isabella.  The last time we saw Bella in person she was 6 months old, and the time before that she was a newborn.  I’m so excited to see her, play with her, and get to know her more.  Her personality at 6 months old was very confident, chill, sweet, and just fun.  Kate says her personality has come out even more since then.  I have been able to watch her grow up in a way, thanks to Facebook.  But we’re really looking forward to snuggling with her and spending time with everyone.

Kate and I plan to spend lots of girl time cooking, shopping, running, etc. while the brothers spend some quality time together skiing.  Steve is a TOTAL daredevil so I have already prepped Chris to not let Steve put him in any life-threatening situations like last time.  I highly doubt he will listen to me though.  Anyway, we’ll be there an entire week and we’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time!

What else I’m looking forward to:  Lately I’ve been giving some thought to the actual day at the hospital when we meet our daughter.  I’ve thought about the people I’d love to have around me during the process and after.  For the actual delivery, I want it to be a sacred moment that only Chris and I share.  For labor though, which can be a long process, I have no problem with my mom, Chris’s stepmom Margaret, my sisters Mary and Laurie, and my sister-in-law Kate being there.  In fact, from where I’m standing now the idea seems pretty awesome.  Of course, you never know how labor will go.  It could be short, or horribly long and painful, or I could have a c-section.  I’m trying to prepare for anything.

After our daughter is born, I do know that I want a little time just Chris and I to absorb the moment privately and stare at our new family member.  Then, the more the merrier!  I want everyone to hold her (after they wash their hands of course) so she can begin getting used to her wonderful new family right away.

There’s one special person in particular I have in mind.  I really want Abby to be there and sit on my hospital bed with me and hold her new cousin.  Abby, at 3 years old, was in a sense my first “baby.”  She’s the one who first taught me that having kids might be a good idea after all.  It may sound silly to say this about a 3 year old, but I really can’t imagine her not being there for that moment when it comes!

Chris and I have such a small place, I feel sorry for anyone who offers to come stay with us and help out.  Yet, I really hope they will.  I’m a little scared.  But excited.