Okay, maybe to some of you 21 weeks is early to have a crib and dresser.  I guess you’d be right, actually.  But if you knew how many weekends and hours were spent searching for the perfect crib and dresser, you’d understand why I felt like bells should be ringing and trumpets sounding when we placed our order today.  Now, our focus can shift elsewhere.

Here were our requirements for our baby’s crib.  It had to be affordable.  It had to have some sort of craftsmanship to it (even if it was cheap, it had to look thoughtfully and well put together).  It had to be white (my requirement).  It ideally would come with a matching dresser that was also affordable, well made, and would fit perfectly in the space we have planned for it (you know – the “nook”).

As with any search for a thing that is both nice and inexpensive, it took us a while to find just the right thing.  We went to almost every baby store in Atlanta and scoured the Internet.  What we ended up with is very basic-looking.  But we’re happy because it’s well made, classic, and fits perfectly where we need it to…and I’m happy because it’s white (not cream).  Did we spend too much?  Of course (though certainly not as much as many people!).  It’s our first baby.  We ignored all the advice and our own realization that years down the road we might very well look back on this highly-considered purchase and laugh.  But for now…whatever!  We have a crib and a dresser (well – in 6 weeks we will)!

We bought this crib in white (not natural, as shown in the picture):

I looked at lots of ultra-feminine cribs, some with posters, some with spindles, some with carved flowers, some with pink accents, and some with high backs.  In the end there was something about the profile of this crib that looked classic and nice, plus it was cheaper than many others.

And we bought this matching dresser, without the changing station that comes on top.  We’ll use it to change her, but we’ll just strap a changing pad to the top.  She’ll be able to use this dresser until she’s 12 or so and decides she needs more grown up bedroom furniture.  Maybe we’ll get that for her 13th birthday, like my parents did for me.

I totally changed my mind about the whole yellow and pink thing, by the way.  Of course.  So don’t believe anything I say about our nursery colors until you see pictures of the actual nursery in our home. LOL.