In a few hours, I will be 21 weeks pregnant.  Time is going by too fast!

In a few hours (as in 22) Chris’s plane will land in Atlanta and all will be right with the world again.  I suppose I have grown accustomed to having him around and things feel totally off when he’s gone.  I do sometimes marvel a little at how I miss him, because I wondered if I would ever “miss” someone the way I heard other couples talk about it.  I’d always been perfectly happy alone, personally.  But, I miss him.  And he’ll be back in a matter of hours.  This means I need to sweep the kitchen.

In a few hours, all the clothes you see below which belonged to my niece and will now hopefully be used by my little baby will be put away…somewhere.

And finally, in a few hours, these guys (who I babysat briefly today) will be passed out in their beds.

Aren’t they the sweetest?  We love our Abby and Nolan.