Hi Baby Girl,

How’s it going in there? From the feel of things, you are stretching up a storm!  In fact, you’re kicking me right now.  Thanks for that.  No, really!  You keep me company, while I’m working on otherwise boring tasks.  So keep those kicks coming.  I want you to be good and strong when it’s time for you to enter the world outside.

Here’s what’s going on with me and your dad.  Tonight, he is leaving for London for a work trip, and will be back in ten days.  I know it’s only ten days, and he will miss us, and will be back.  But I am still so sad that he is leaving!  He has been taking SUCH good care of us.  You will love him when you meet him.  And I’m pretty sure he will adore you.

I want to tell you that you’re going to be a well-dressed little girl.  I don’t know what your style preferences will be yet, but hopefully you’ll like what we’ve been picking out for you.  I got you this dress for your first Christmas season.  You’ll be 6 months old!

I also bought you a pink dress for Valentine’s Day, when you’re 9 months old.

Nothing set in stone, mind you.  Just things I found on sale that might work.

We are really looking forward to taking good care of you and showing you all the fun life has to offer.  For now, I hope you’re content inside there.  It really is an honor to have you as my little sidekick!