Oh my.  I just had to update this blog with our very first registering experience, which was a… learning one.

Rough Start.

We went to Buy Buy Baby (baby version of Bed Bath & Beyond).  At first I was in awe – so much stuff!  Then we were quickly overwhelmed as we realized that despite all the research I felt I’d done, we had no clue where to start, what brands to register for, or what we needed.

Top that off with us not being able to agree on whether or not to buy crib bumpers.  It wasn’t funny at the time but naturally this is something that doesn’t take too much time passing to see the humor in.

We came home after 3 hours, having registered for a few alarmingly overpriced items we weren’t 100% sure about.  I pouted for the rest of the night.  I called my mom and lamented the difficulty of it all.  I literally cried on the phone about not being able to find a dresser that was both cheap and well made and suited both Chris’s taste and mine.

Happy Ending.

At around midnight, I suddenly felt determined.  I got on Amazon.com and created a baby registry.  Then I systematically began to read reviews, compare prices, and check things off my list!  Amazon made the process SO easy.  Everything there is way cheaper than at Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon literally has anything you could ever want.  They even ship baby registry items over $25 FREE.  It will be our main registry.

We did make one exciting decision at Buy Buy Baby.  After weeks and weeks of research online, with friends, and looking at strollers in person, we decided on our main stroller and car seat.  And we even agreed on the colors. 🙂  We’re going with the BOB Revolution SE running stroller in black (the one in the image is actually the navy one – we got the black one with the bright red straps that match the car seat), and the Peg Perego SIP car seat in chartreuse.  I’d originally thought I’d be going pink or purple with our stroller/car seat choices, but of all the brands and colors we liked these best, and I think she’ll look very cute and sporty.