We went to our 16-week appointment last week, and were surprised when my wonderful doctor pulled out his little ultrasound tool from behind his back and said, “Should we have a peek??”

We weren’t supposed to have another ultrasound until 20 weeks; this appointment was supposed to be a routine check for the heartbeat, and a blood test.  But I had a sneaking suspicion – or a hope, I guess – that we just might get an extra ultrasound because our doctor truly does seem to take delight in seeing his patients excited and happy.

I almost squealed with excitement.  In my enthusiasm, I lost all modesty and once on the table, yanked my shirt up and unzipped my pants and stared anxiously at the monitor.  Chris started laughing, I don’t know if at me or something else – maybe just the anticipation.

I wasn’t just eager to find out the sex of our baby.  I told you in an earlier post that I’ve started to worry a little for the health of the baby.  I wanted the relief of seeing that he or she was developing properly and all was well in there.

When I saw my baby, I blurted out “Is it normal? Is it the right size? Is it okay?”  The doctor said the baby was perfect.  We saw its little hands and legs moving.  We heard its heartbeat and I knew everything was okay.

Then, the doctor changed the angle of the ultrasound so that we had a clear view between Baby’s legs, and asked us to guess at the gender.  I thought it’d be hard to tell, but I had no problem guessing correctly.

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