If I were the only one responsible for naming our child, the search for the perfect name would be over.  Boy or girl, I’ve got a first and middle name picked out for both that I love.

However, I am not making this decision alone.  It is very important that both Chris and I love the name we choose for our baby.  And we’re two different people with different tastes, different preferences, different biases we’ve developed over the years, and very – very – strong opinions.

So we have tread lightly on the topic – both being careful never to totally bash another’s suggestion – okay, I have not been as restrained as Chris.  I have actually yelled and my eyes have filled with tears of frustration on several occasions.

What’s my preference?  Well, you can look at my name and there’s your answer.  Helen Katherine.  It’s old-fashioned as hell, but no one else has it (except a few old ladies), and no matter how silly or slutty I may choose to act at any given time, I like to think it’s solemnity lends me a little bit of credibility.  It’s hard being a girl in a man’s world, and even harder being one among a sea of so many.  I’d rather be Helen Katherine than Misty Krystal, is what I’m saying.  Similar to my preference for girls, I like boy names that manage to be respectable, manly, and cute all at once.

I like classic names.  Names that will never, ever be dated.  They can’t be trying too hard.  They must look and sound beautiful when said all together with the last name.  Family names, names that aren’t arbitrary but mean something.  Names with a story.  Names that aren’t “trendy” – ugh, my most loathed word, because then, they are no longer art.

But I digress.  Boy or girl, we’ll find a name we both love, even though it will probably mean letting go of some of our old notions and seeing things from each other’s perspective.