We haven’t bought many things for the baby yet.  It’s all kind of pending on whether we’re expecting a girl or a boy.  This waiting to find out is exciting and suspenseful because boys and girls are so different.  When we find out which we’re having, we’ll be getting a huge clue to how our life is going to look… that is, pink, or blue.

The good thing is, I simply can’t decide which I would like more.  I’m greedy and I wish the baby could be both!  Okay, no, I don’t wish that.

In the meantime, friends and family have provided us with a few things that will (mostly) work for a boy or a girl.  Here they are: all our baby’s worldly possessions.  Starting with two items from my sister.

The little Halloween outfit should fit him or her next Halloween.  The white thing (I forgot what they’re called but they’re so very precious on babies and awesome for changing diapers in the middle of the night when you’re too tired to fool with buttons) is super soft and I believe the dog is in honor of Meeks.  Now, this dog is a Scottish Terrier and Meeks is a Schnauzer, but he says that’s okay, people get them confused all the time and they do favor.  The white outfit is also supposedly gender neutral but I think this looks precious for a sweet little girl.

Next. First, the books are from our friends John and Megan and their two sweet kids, Jack and Rowan.  I am very much hoping my child will love to read like I did (fingers crossed).  We are certainly on uncharted territory, raising our kids in a “digital world” but as long as he or she takes an interest, I’ll do my very best to pass on my love of books.  These are a great start.

The little blue ball is also from John and Megan, and is our baby’s first toy!  And the little blue money attaches a pacifier to the baby’s clothes.  It’s from my cousin Lucia.  I was so excited to get it in the mail, I packed it in my suitcase and took it with me to Asheville just so I could look at it.  So, that monkey was with Chris and I when he proposed to me.

Finally, the little edge of the green blanket you see in the corner is from my momma.  It is super soft and is our baby’s very first blanket.

Next, we have a random impulse buy from yours truly, Mommy-to-be.  I have restrained myself and not bought things without knowing the gender; however this was on clearance for a few dollars.  So you can see which gender I suspect we’re having.  Yes, I have a strong feeling it’s a girl.

I have discovered my favorite place to bond with my unborn child.  No, it isn’t a relaxing, candlelit bath, my cozy, quiet bed at night, during my runs, in nature, or anything remotely peaceful or idyllic.  It is in the clothing section of baby stores.  Somehow, looking at those tiny outfits brings tears to my eyes and puts excited butterflies in my stomach.  When I’m standing there imagining my son or daughter in something off the rack, my heart is full and I want to smile generously at every stranger.   I guess the clothes help me imagine an actual baby to go in them, and it feels more real to me.

I have saved the best story for last.

These were a gift years and years ago (I can’t even remember how long), from my Aunt Terree (who shares, and probably helped instill in me, my love of antiques).  One year she asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said “an antique” and left it up to her to be creative.  She gave me this sterling silver baby fork and spoon with the tiny initial “C” engraved in them.  I thought they were so sweet, and I remember thinking of all the “C” names I liked.

I never dreamed I’d end up with the last name Cobb!  So these were a “pre-gift” I guess, with so much sentimental value.  I will say, when I met Chris, this baby fork and spoon were among the many crazy circumstances I considered all signs that we were supposed to be together.

Well… that’s it!  I hope I didn’t bore you with this inventory.  I wanted to do just one because as soon as we find out the gender, there will be too many new baby things to do another inventory.