Baby’s Size.  An Avocado!  I can’t believe how fast this is going by, it seems like only yesterday he or she was an olive!!  And in the next week or so, the size will double.  No wonder pregnant people get tired.  I like thinking that the baby is getting bigger, and more like what we’ll be holding and kissing in 24 weeks (just 24 weeks! yikes!).

Weight Gain.  Oddly, I have had no actual weight gain on the scales.  Yet my gut, shall we say, has been getting bigger.  In fact, after I eat a meal, I look huge (so big I don’t even want to show you pictures because it isn’t normal to be that big at 16 weeks is it?).  I tried on a few shirts in Urban Outfitters a couple of days ago. HA!  Let’s just say I don’t look like the models.

Symptoms.  Ahhhhh, the dreadful First Tri symptoms have mostly faded away (though exhaustion and nausea do still rear their awful heads from time to time :-/).  I still have aversions to most of the healthy foods I used to love.  I’m still having a hard time eating healthy.  My palate seems to have changed.  But lately I’ve been feeling guilty about it.  Actually, the more I think about my sweet little baby, the more determined I feel to feed it right.  So I think I may finally be getting close to fixing my awful diet.  Fingers crossed.  I know one thing – I have become much more sympathetic to people who call tofu “weird.”  Though I swear I will go back to my tofu-adoring ways when this pregnancy is over!

I also went for my typical, pre-pregnancy 6-mile run the other day, since I’ve been feeling better.  It was great, though I felt a bit out of shape.  Normally this is like a walk in the park for me.  The next two days I was utterly exhausted and sore.  I am taking what I can get, exercise-wise these days.

One more thing: I seem to be dumber.  NO LIE.  I forget many things I never would have before.  I have fixed this problem though, I carry a notebook everywhere and write every single thing down just like a real life reporter.

What I Miss.  Nothing, really!  First Tri symptoms gone, I love being pregnant!

Okay, actually, there is something I miss.  I feel like I’m not too marketable career-wise right now.  But I’m trying not to let that deter me, and to continue with my plans and trust that I can progress my career/hobbies/passions at the same time I’m loving being a mommy-to-be and soon, a mommy.  I comfort myself with this thought:  the successful people I know were that way because of who they are, not because they did or didn’t have children!

Best moment.  Is there any question? Chris proposed to me on December 17th, the day before his birthday.  I have since relived that moment over and over again in my head. It makes me smile every time.

What I’m looking forward to.  Feeling the baby kick!  At night I fall asleep with my hands on my lower abdomen pressing down and being as still as I can just willing the baby to move.  I try to distinguish the baby from other distracting goings on, like my food digesting or the pulse in my fingertips.  So far, nothing.  What’s it doing in there?  Is it sleeping all the time?  Or maybe it is still too small for me to feel.

Other things on my mind.  I’ve found myself worrying about the baby more than I did during my first trimester.  I worry that it’s developing properly, that I’m not doing anything to hurt it unknowingly, and that it’s alive.  However, I still do not think I worry as much as some other moms-to-be.  I wonder if I’ll be one of those moms who doesn’t worry enough?  I have no idea how I’ll be.  I have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into!  Unfortunately, I know I won’t be as perfect as I want to be.  But I hope my child will one day say “I have the best parents in the world.”  That seems like a pretty big goal to strive for.  I’m not sure how to go about achieving it.  I think I probably need to be a great person in general and then that would trickle down into the parenting category, right?  So I need to fix my flaws and fast!  Oh the pressure.  I can barely straighten my hair in the morning.  It usually doesn’t happen.  My dog has dreadlocks.  How will I win the “best mom in the world” award like this?

And one more thing.  We finally, after we’d told as many people as we could in person (we didn’t get to them all unfortunately), announced our pregnancy to the world through –what else – Facebook.  Or, I should say, I introduced the baby.  Chris is more the Silent Facebook Watcher.  You know the type.  You think they’re never on Facebook because they show no activity, but they’re actually reading their newsfeed on their iPhone while sitting on the toilet.

I digress.  All this to say, THANK YOU for the wonderful support, sweet words, phone calls, texts, and everything else.  I always feel humbled by the support people show, and am reminded again and again to try and be a better friend to the people I care about because I’m not always the best at staying in touch.  But we’re so excited – we’re like little innocent, happy sitting ducks with no idea we’re about to be exhausted and covered in baby poo – and we’re so grateful for the people around us who share in our excitement.