We’re engaged!

Of course, we knew we would get engaged and married.  We wouldn’t be having a baby together if we didn’t plan to be together and have a family.  But you see, my baby sister is getting married in June – 3 weeks before Baby C (oh how I love to say that!) is due.  So we won’t get married for a while.  And I just thought, we wouldn’t get engaged for a while, either.

I was wrong!  I LOVE surprises!  Chris really got me good with this one, turning his birthday weekend in Asheville NC, which I thought I’d planned, into something even more special and memorable than I’d imagined.

I was so surprised when he got down on his knee that I tried to run away thinking he was joking, and then, could not speak from shock, but could only nod my head.

And I really hope that even when I am old and grey I never, ever forget the look on his face when he held up my ring and looking up at me said “will you marry me?”  Let me tell you people, there is a reason men get down on one knee.

There are so many happy, exciting things happening between Chris’s family and my family and now, OUR family.  Life is really good and I’m savoring it all.