We have our baby’s rocking chair!  Actually, right now it’s at my parents’ house.

The chair belonged to my grandmother’s mother.  Her name was Mary Wellons Leverett.

I know the chair because from the time I was born until my grandmother died, it was in the corner of the guest bedroom, often draped in clothes (when we came to visit anyway).

I love it because:

1. My sister’s middle name is Wellons, after my great-grandmother’s family, and I’ve always loved the name, and hearing about the Wellonses.

2. The chair is an heirloom.

3. The chair is beautiful.

How special that our baby will be rocking in a chair that was passed on from mother (Mary Wellons Leverett) to mother (Mary Levertt Newberry) to mother (Lynn Newberry Kopp) to mother (Helen Katherine Kopp) to baby (yet to be named)?