I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is beautiful.  During the last 2 months, I have felt so awful.  I hope I don’t jinx myself, but just as people promised, with the end of the first trimester, I am starting to feel SO much better!  Today, I went to the grocery store and got teary eyed in the prepared foods section, because… the food smelled good!  Warm, cozy, comforting, promising… Do you know how long it has been since I’ve genuinely thought food smelled good?  I have even lied and said “mmm, that smells good” because I know it must and I want to be encouraging and polite to the cooks… but really, the smell meant nothing to me.

We are still on shaky ground, nausea-wise.  Most mornings, I have a moment when I walk downstairs where I want to turn to the kitchen sink and BLAHHHH!  And today, in the pickle isle, I almost threw up.  But it passes!

THAT, people, is the MIRACLE.  It PASSES.  Because you see, first trimester the nausea never, ever, ever passed.  It was with me morning, afternoon, and night.  It was with me with I woke up at 2am.  It was with me when I woke up at 7am.  It was with me nonstop.  Every smell was enough to send me over the edge.  I didn’t actually throw up more than about 10 times, luckily.  I just always FELT like I could.

And my diet.  Oh, it has been the saddest thing.  Pringles. Ice cream. Sherbet. Frozen yogurt. Macaroni and cheese. Pickles. You get the picture.  These were things I thought I could eat.  I did also eat cereal with fruit every morning, and at times I could eat yogurt.  I ate boiled eggs just because I heard the protein helped with nausea.  And fruit.  Fruit did not let me down.  I have eaten a grapefruit almost every day since finding out I was pregnant.  So it wasn’t ALL bad.  It’s just that I have always been such an advocate of healthy food.  And to have that taken away from me when I thought it would come into handy most – just cruel!

But I’m coming back.  Not like I was. I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat curry or tofu or lentils again – ick!  But right now, things are great because…

I’m craving raw vegetables and fruits!!  Oh happy day!  Still don’t want cooked vegetables.  Just refreshing, watery cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, parsley and so on.  I celebrated by making the most delicious caesar salad with homemade dressing and whole grain croutons, and adding lots of chopped veggies to the usual mix.  I’m on my second bowl.  I hope I can continue this.