Before I was pregnant, I read a couple of pregnancy blogs (yes, I know, odd coincidence, but everyone my age is having babies right now apparently).  I liked one in particular that included a little list in each post that updated her progress.  I thought I’d do something similar with this one.  So, here’s my first list.

Pregnancy symptoms: Where do I start?  Exhausted all the time. Nauseated all the time. Have to pee all the time.  I could swear my heart rate has been up since I got pregnant – is this a symptom?  Extraordinary sense of smell.  Food aversions.  I would say emotional, but I was emotional before I got pregnant. 😉

Total weight gain: None – I’ve lost 7 pounds.

Sleep:  I want to sleep all the time – but I go to bed around 9 and sleep until 8 every night.

Baby’s size: Right now, he or she is about the size of an olive.

Baby’s sex: I don’t know – but we wish we did!  The thing is, I think about having a little boy, and I feel this thrill of excitement.  But I think about having a sweet little girl, and I feel the same thing!  We both genuinely don’t care G or B, but we want to know!

Cravings: Ugh. None.  More like, what can I stomach. And the answer is, people, PICKLES and ICE CREAM.  Yes, apparently the rumors are true.  Lately, I can also eat grapefruit each day without developing an aversion (so far) – this is a feat.  I can eat processed carbs.  And I can eat the things my mom used to cook for me growing up.

Aversions: Almost everything healthy.  My own cooking.  Life has a cruel sense of humor doesn’t it?  Always the health nut, I always thought I’d eat so well when I was pregnant.  Oh well, there’s always the second trimester. 🙂

What I miss: My energy. My healthy appetite.

What I’m looking forward to: Second trimester! When supposedly I will feel better! AND, of COURSE I am dying to know the sex of our baby!!!!!  I am itching to buy sweet little things for my baby and I just have to wait until I know if I’m looking for tiny pink dresses with flowers or itty bitty jeans and collar shirts!

Best moment of the week: Surprisingly, it wasn’t seeing the ultrasound – we were still a little in shock that day.  It was Saturday after the ultrasound, walking through baby stores with Chris and imaging ourselves with a little one. The excitement has really set in for us.